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Having to work with a multitude of PDF (Portable Document Format) files could prove a challenge sometimes, especially when not all of the pages in these documents feature the same settings or size, they things can be easily rectified when the right tools are used.
A-PDF Page Crop is one of the applications that can help users in such situations, being designed specifically for allowing them to crop the pages of their PDF files to either bring them in link with other pages or to make them suitable for devices with smaller screens.
Easily remove page margins
The main purpose of this application is to provide users with the possibility to remove unwanted margins or white spaces from their PDF pages, which automatically results in a decreased size for these documents.
The application includes a visual crop marks editor, which makes it easy for users to decide how much of their pages they want to remove. The crop box is editable, meaning that users can easily adjust it to fit their needs.
Reorganize normal sized PDFs
With the help of this piece of software, users can modify any of their normal size PDF files, including those who are A4, B4, Letter and the like, so as to make them suitable for small devices.
The application allows users to set the size of the output file's pages to be the same as the crop area, but it also includes the option to have the resulting PDF customized to a specific standard size even after crop, directly from the settings window.
Intuitive capabilities
The software is very easy-to-use, courtesy of an intuitive interface and straightforward functions, while also being able to provide users with snappy performance even when cropping large PDF files.
To sum up, A-PDF Page Crop is an intuitive and fast application for reducing the size of a PDF file's pages. It allows users to crop PDFs and remove white margins from their pages, as well as to resize processed pages to predefined, standard document sizes.







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A-PDF Page Crop Cracked Accounts is a powerful tool for batching, removing, and/or simplifying pdf pages and their margins, as well as for cropping pdf pages to any standard sizes.
This tool includes automatic cropping of pdf documents to reduce the size of their pages, eliminating white margins from them. It also supports reduction of pdf pages to exact standard sizes, without the need to modify the file’s settings, thus eliminating the possibility of the user getting out of line with what the document actually says.
The program features a rich set of functions that allow for quick and easy creation of pdf files from scanned documents and multi-page pdf documents.
Page Crop features a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing users to make decisions and decisions on the fly. It enables them to crop and remove white margins from pdf pages as well as to generate pdf documents from scanned documents and multi-page pdf documents.
Manage your pdf files easily
Manage documents easily with A-PDF Page Crop’s batch and batch merge functions.
Simplify pdf documents
A-PDF Page Crop is a powerful tool that will help you to simplify your pdf files easily.
To sum up, A-PDF Page Crop is a powerful application for simplifying and organizing pdf files. It is capable of batching, removing, and/or simplifying pdf pages and their margins, as well as reducing pdf pages to exact, predefined standard sizes.
A-PDF Page Crop is available for a single user on a single computer for a single site for a 30-day trial period.
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Key Macro Text Services is a useful software for Windows users to help them get rid of typos and mistakes while writing a document.
Key Macro Text Services works as a dictionary for letters, numbers and symbols, with the help of which you will easily be able to remove any typos you might have made and correct your spelling mistakes.
It is a multilingual dictionary, so that users will be able to edit and correct documents in any of the available languages.

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What’s New in the A-PDF Page Crop?

The compact A-PDF Page Crop application has been designed to help users with PDF cropping.
Utilize the A-PDF Page Crop application to remove the margins from your PDFs or to resize PDFs to the exact size you need them to be.
All users have to do is select the area that they want to remove the margins from and then the program will do the rest.

Built on the well-established Evernote platform, they now have the ability to also access the Evernote Application on iOS and Android devices, which was previously only available on PC.

Being able to store notes on the go has never been easier and now that the brand new iOS and Android mobile apps are out there, they are available to use wherever you are.

What are some of the main features that the Evernote iOS App has to offer?

On the iOS App, users can now access their Evernote account on the go, which means that they will be able to manage their notes in the same way that they were being managed on their PC at their own convenience.

These notes can be synced with the app using their iOS device’s data connection or via a wi-fi router in case that’s more convenient.

These notes can be organized into sections to make it easier for the user to find the one that they are looking for.

Users will have the ability to pin notes to their home screen, as well as to create a one-time or recurring event.

Like the Android App, the iOS App now has the ability to automatically upload selected notes to a PDF, HTML or text file, as well as to a photo album.

Here’s a list of some of the main features of the Evernote iOS App:

On top of these features, the iOS App now includes additional capabilities like the ability to create a new Note, to delete a note, to flag a note as private, and to share notes with others.

Users are also able to customize the color of their notes.

Once notes are accessed, users will be able to make edits to their notes.

As before, the Evernote App’s users will now be able to access their notes across their Evernote account on the web, on Windows devices, and on mobile devices that run Android and iOS.

The Evernote iOS App now includes the ability to create and share photos using the built-in camera app.

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps out there, offering users a number of convenient features to be able to make the most out of their notes.

It is easy to see why they have become so popular, especially when it comes to organization and note-taking capabilities, which allow people to create notes to be easily organized into specific topics and to


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