Naxia Portable Edition \/\/FREE\\\\ 129311;

Naxia Portable Edition \/\/FREE\\\\ 129311;

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Naxia Portable Edition

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“Paradise, now: our paradise, removed. to Matoki, the god of destruction and pestilence, in Naxia.
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Previous Next Naxia portable edition. monster truck trailer puller trailer with floor and height adjustment; one manual hydraulic hoist device and one assist arm; the standard height of the trailer.. The observed intensity profile and the theoretical fit are shown in Fig. \[Fig:Rep_Fit\]. From the fits, the parameters (see Tab. \[Tab:params\]) are extracted.

The pump-probe experiment and data analysis

The measurements were performed using a pump-probe spectrometer based on femtosecond optical parametric amplification with $400$ nm center wavelength and $1.5$ nm FWHM bandwidth, pumped by a mode-locked Ti:sapphire oscillator and amplified with an additional stage. The focus was adjusted so that the pump and probe beam cross at the surface of the sample. The pump and probe beams had a diameter of $200$ $\mu$m and a FWHM of $100$ $\mu$m each. The pump-probe delay $\Delta t$ was varied in steps of $3$ fs. Each acquisition took $\sim2$ s, with up to $5$ time points per second. With $\sim 40$ pulses per point, the statistical error of the measurement was $2$%. The samples (see Tab. \[Tab:comp\]) were measured at room temperature, out of air. Prior to the measurements,